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"The Earth is my greatest lover.

My body is my greatest teacher"

My Story

Hi I am   - Maya Magdalena -

I have walked many paths of life, exploring the polarities and what does it mean to be a Human on Earth.

I am an endless apprentice of Life and Earth, everyday learning what it means to LOVE.

Since my yearly teenage years I was driven by longing for more depth, truth and freedom, so I have been seeking for answers and meaning of life everywhere I could. What I offer comes as synthesis of a decade of that seeking; of healing, studying and learning, transforming my own life at first - from trauma and disconnection to trust and pleasure.

For 5 years I immersed myself in studies at various modern days mystery schools, dedicated to Soul initiation, cosmology, mysteries of the feminine and the body and Temple culture. At the same time experimenting and learning how to live in community and be a loving human being. Big part of my work has been connected to Tantra and conscious sexuality.

I am passionate about breaking taboos, changing the way we treat our bodies and each other, paths to freedom and ecstatic human nature. Integrity and embodiment of my own teachings is very important to me, so I continue to study and evolve as well as support others on their journey back to Love. 

I believe in wisdom being the greatest asset, wisdom that only can come from a living experience, so I am pro exploring it all, all shades of life, all flavours of Love.

I also believe in human Soul and that we are on the journey to embody a Soul-centred culture. I am here to serve this with all my Heart.

Over last 2 years I have been studying trauma and autonomous nervous system, diving deeply into work of Stephen W. Porges, Ph.D, Peter Lavigne, Irene Lyon, Richard C. Schwartz, PhD. I experienced and tested a lot of modalities throughout my own CPTSD and trauma related illnesses recovery.

My work approach blends trauma informed modalities with initiatory, transformational fire and always comes from a place of deep listening to the nervous system and following somatics of the body.

I am a Shamanic Sexual Somatic practitioner trained by ISTA - International School of Temple Arts.
I graduated Temple Training at Highden Temple New Zealand, studied at Nikkila Temple Finland, Shamballa School and Avatara Mystery School. I studied with Bruce Lyon, Jon Eden Khan, Taki'h Dhyandeepa and Janine Ma-Ree and got influenced by Osho.

I am a part of a global community dedicated to emergence of Temples and Mystery School around the world, recognising the need for them on the way of anchoring new, Soulful civilisation on earth.

If you resonate with my story - get in touch. I am looking forward to meet you!


"I want to share with you what's at the core of my Soul,

  I want to share with you the deep feminine wisdom, pulsating womb,
  power and intelligence

  that is moving me and through me,

  in the embodied, ecstatic and loving way"


International School of Temple Arts -

Highden Mystery School -

Nikkilä Mystery School -

Deep Feminine Mystery School by Maya Luna -

Avatara Mystery School -

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